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Esmart Kiosk is a practical and economical utility for self-service and retail. The solution is easily adaptable for the great variety of protocols and credentials with long battery life time, whereas the scenarios of system configuration are almost limitless. The real-time monitoring via software enables the better protection for your facility and guests. So, if you are looking for a durable, reliable yet reasonable, affordable and flexible kiosk type solution, Esmart Kiosk will meet your demands in full.

Custom kiosk configuration (with your own kiosk)

Custom kiosk configuration (with your own kiosk)
  • Use your own Kiosk system to control locks through wireless Access Point (AP200)
  • Providing API and sample application that guarantees easy and fast system integration
  • It can be integrated to any 3ed party kiosk system with flexibility
  • KIOSK by customer
    KIOSK by customer
  • AP200
  • lock

Integrated controller configuration (with standard central controller)

  • System with standard Central Controller for the stand-alone configuration
  • Wireless communication between Central Controller and locks
  • Cost effective and easy installation / No additional development necessary
  • Multi credential accessibility (Smartphone, Pin code, Mifare,, 15693, HID, 125KHz …)
  • CC200
  • Lock