Mobile Access (ZP100M) – Offline

Mobile Access (ZP100M) – Offline



Esmart Mobile Offline System combines the benefits of easy programmable and flexible Esmart Classic with a multi-credential operating via RFID and BLE mobile access key. While working offline, Esmart Mobile preserves the functions of time based operation, battery status monitoring and adaptability to various operation scenarios depending on your customer’s locker operation practice.
Check more details about the unique advantages of touch sensor ZP100M Esmart Mobile Offline Solution.


Smartphone Accessible via BLE
Exclusive technology of RF card and smartphone synchronization
Self-registration via App
User directly signs up his smartphone to lock after scanning the user card. (Bypass Front Desk)
Multi Credential
RF card, Smartphone
Easy to use
User-friendly mobile App makes lock operation convenient and simple
Patent by Passtech
I Smartphone is synced with your RFID card. [Patent obtained]
Only remains valid until RFID card is expired or lost.
I Enhanced security algorithm-AES128
Better protection by combining AES128 and smartcard security algorithm
Maintain all standard features of standalone systems
  • Touch sensor RF Locker/cabinet lock : ZP100
  • Very flexible programming of lock functions depending on your customer’s locker operation practice – for example, Free Selection, Fixed assigned Selection, Multi-locker use and Multi shared locker.
  • Function of Time based operation – Automatic locker door open at programmed time, door open or alarm for specific setting time (for shift use).
  • Battery Monitoring by User card and low battery alarm by both sound and LED lamp.(Operation staff can detect in advance the battery status of the lock when he reads the User card at desk).
  • Applied 13.56Mhz Mifare Type A RF protocol which is used widely for access control and ID.
  • Easy integration with existing access control system of user site – One card system
  • Various type of User key media – Card type, Wristband type, keychain type.- can be used.
  • Long battery life thanks to Passtech’s patented battery power saving technology – 3 ~ 5 years battery life depending on the usage.
  • Program upgrade at site without replacing the locks.
  • High impact resistant Poly carbonate case and steel die casted bolt for harsh environment.
  • Certified by FCC and CE, and complied with ADA requirements.
  • Highest Security : Unique security Key by 3DES security algorithm


  • BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy): supports Bluetooth v. 4.1
  • Color : Black (Standard), White, Silver (optional)
  • Power : 6V (1.5V AA Battery x 4pcs)
  • Operation Frequency : 13.56MHz
  • RFID Protocol Supported : ISO14443 Type A/B, Felica, Mifare Classic / Ultralight / DESfire
    NFC smart phone and other type of RF cards are available with reconfiguration
  • Case Material : Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions
    Front Case – 53.4(W) X 68.58(L) X18.1(D)mm
    Main Case – 98.94(W) X 70(L) X 34.98(D)mm
  • Operating Temperature : 0℃ ~ 50℃(operating), -40℃ ~ 85℃(storage)
  • Operational humidity : 10~90%
  • Close and Open by 13.56Mhz Mifare RF Tag and mobile device (smartphone)
  • FCC, CE KCC Certified and ADA Compliant





  • Assembly-drawing
    Assembly drawing
  • Door mounting hole drilling instruction
    Door mounting hole drilling instruction